Service Center

Lentz Machinery Group is able to offer its customers the support required to address all training, installation, and troubleshooting issues from its physical location in Conover, NC.   Our technicians are fully trained on all software, hardware, and mechanical aspects of our product lines. The company infrastructure includes:
  • Trained and certified in-house technicians;
  • Complete 3-D modeling and software interface capability using our own digitizing system;
  • Machine programming capability for “in-house” support of our customers;
  • Training by our technicians either “in house” or “onsite”
  • Online diagnostics support from both Conover, NC, and from the factory; and,
  • In-house spare parts inventory combined with “same day” drop-ship agreement with the local machine and electronics parts vendors designed to minimize the wait time when our customers need parts “NOW”.s

5 Axis Machine Demonstrations, Installation, Training, Maintenance & Spare Parts

Live Demonstrations

Our programmers will organize a demo for you to see your products being made by our machines.

Machine Installation

Our technicians offer full installation services for our machines in the United States.

Training Courses

We offer training courses for all the machines we sell, including part programming which will be tested later on the machine.

Machine Maintenance

We will send specialized technicians directly to your location in the United States for ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

Machine Spare Parts

We have spare parts in stock for components of each machine because we realize after-sales service is important to minimize downtime.